Alexander Imani Cowen-Rivers

Research Engineer


I was a postgraduate student studying Machine Learning & Data Science at University College London, advised by Prof. Sebastian Riedel and Dr. Pasquale Minervini in the Machine Reading Group. My main area of interest is learning with structured data and structured representations/computations. These topics include natural language processing, multi-agent reinforcement learning and logic.

I completed my BSc at the University of Bath, studying Mathematical Sciences. My first two years I studied mathematics, and in my final year of studies, I changed course to studying mathematics with computer science. After my penultimate year of study, I completed a 12 month placement at Burberry PLC , as a Data Analyst.


Recent Publications

Towards Incremental Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition in Maple

Creating an incremental version of a general real number polynomnial solving algorithm for computational savings.

A I. Cowen-Rivers, M. England, Towards Incremental Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition in Maple, (FLoC 2018) [PDF, code].

Neural Variational Inference For Embedding Knowledge Graphs

M.Sc. thesis (2018), Department of Computer Science, Machine Reading Group, University College London.

Thesis copy available here: [PDF (9 MB)]

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Curriculum vitae